Social media is the primary tool of interpersonal and mass communication in the 21st century. As fear and uncertainty rise, most of the world’s population is staying at home, yearning for connection, and human interaction. Not only has this made social media a powerful tool in day to day communications, but it has evolved into a platform of possibilities for businesses. There is a sentiment that social media is the end-all-be-all for online marketing. This article will go over the top ways that companies are making the most of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Choosing the Correct Social Medium

Every company should have some form of social media that works as a bridge between you and your audience. One of the main issues that companies have is by trying to grow on all platforms concurrently with a generalized strategy. Each operates in distinguished ways and attracts a different demographic. Find the social media platform that has the highest impact with your audience, and that houses a majority of your target demographic. Many marketing teams will draft up a social media strategy to be implemented across the board, not taking into account the variables of each. Instagram thrives on digital media such as photographs and videos, whereas Facebook focuses on community and connections.

Public Feeds versus Personal Interactions

A common misconception with social media is the belief that posting and engaging are the same. Every platform offers the chance to engage with an audience on a mass scale or an interpersonal level. Public feeds are ideal for sharing content or projects that your organization has in progress. They are mainly promotional channels that are focused on building your audience and driving public engagement. Private channels like Twitter and Facebook groups are instrumental in the fostering of a community that engages with one another. The public versus private debate is specific to each organization. Using public social media profiles to drive your core audience to private channels is conducive to building a long-term social media presence.

No Gimmicks. Just Be Genuine

Many companies are taking advantage of the mentally taxing times. Half-hearted social media posts and ungenuine videos hurt a brand more than they help. Comedy, if tasteful and produced well, can land home with audiences looking for relief from all the dense content that floods timelines. The most successful and safest social media strategy right now is to be 100% you. It is no phenomenon that social media can cause people and brands alike to morph into something they are not to gain mass appeal. The truth will always come to light, and in 2024 countless brands have been exposed for making false statements or ignoring internal issues. Twitter is the perfect place to post updates on your company and even highlight some of the human faces behind the brand.

The truth is that social media is a double-edged sword, a tool that can assist you in dominating the social sphere or set you back significantly. Identifying your audience and connecting with them in honest ways will get your company far in 2024.