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PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Cozy has 12+ years of experience running successful campaigns on Google Ads. We will setup your ads, keywords and optimize using industry leading techniques.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Cozy has 16+ years of SEO experience. We can help you create content, increase your domain authority and improve your organic search and social media results.

Exclusive Direct Outreach

Cozy has a growing list of exclusive relationships. These are deals that other digital media agencies would not have access to.

Display & Video Advertisements

Cozy has access to 3 million+ websites which we could use to promote your brand. We can show your ads on first-class websites such as CNN, Forbes, ABC and ESPN to drastically increase your brands awareness and reputation.

Cozy AppRoach

1. Strategy Consultation

To begin, we determine your brands marketing goals, budget & best approach.

2. Tracking Implementation

Next we set up KPI tracking to ensure your campaign goals are logged for precise results and optimization.

3. Media Buying

We will begin your media buy with our ever growing list of industry leading advertising technologies.

4. Campaign Optimization

Once your campaign(s) are live we will use our expertise and optimization algorithms to get the most out of your digital media spend. 

5. Campaign Scaling

When campaign results prove strong and steady, we can increase reach to drive more sales / awareness to your brand at the best possible cost.

6. Digital Reporting

Fully transparent reports will be provided to show you key data including best performing ads, locations, demographics, impressions & CPA (cost-per-acquisition). 

Frequently asked questions

PPC (pay-per-click) is a marketing approach made famous by Google. When you see Ad next to your search results, those are PPC ads. On the backend there is an auction that takes place which includes many factors such as relevancy, budget and site quality to determine which company gets placed first. It is called pay-per-click because the advertiser only pays the search engine (usually Google) if a user clicks on the advertisement.

There are 2 primary methods to ranking higher on Google. The first approach is PPC (discussed above) and the second is SEO (search engine optimization). PPC is generally the quicker approach to ranking high, and works best when you have a niche product/service. SEO can be a better long term approach but requires lots of content and link building strategies. We can help you decide which approach (or both) would be ideal for your business.

Generally the answer is yes. We have hyper-targeted methods to ensure that if you are say a car dealer in Beverly Hills, that only people around a 10km radius of your dealership will find your ads. Therefore you would not be paying for someone from Japan to see your car dealership ad. This approach is available for PPC, Display and Video campaigns, but SEO is generally harder to pinpoint target locations. We can target by age, location, gender, device, interests, even down to current weather. 

The right solution depends on your individual business goals. We would be happy to discuss strategy with you and give our advice on which solution would work best for you.

Certain digital marketing methods can yield results in hours. Generally, campaigns need to be optimized, manually and through algorithms, to determine what is working best. PPC and Display ads typically see results quicker than SEO. 

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